About Avi

Hello! I am Avi Ben David, and this is a site primarily for myself and my family and friends.

I got my start in my father’s security business. By the time I was 13 I had already cracked safes and done all the basic work. I grew up understanding security at its fundamentals.

At 18, I began my three years of compulsory army enlistment. There are aspects of this that, for security reasons, I will never divulge; but suffice it to say that I was given positions that further enhanced my knowledge and experience in security measures.

When I got out of the army I decided to make home security my career. That “morphed” into gates and fencing.

Like kids everywhere in the world, due to Hollywood and movies, I guess, I decided to go to the US and “make my mark”. I arrived in Los Angeles at 23.

My first US job was at a family locksmith business: “Flam’s Key Service”. Within a few weeks, the owner told me “Avi, you are the best person we ever had in the three generations that this business has existed.”

In 1994 I opened my own business: Mulholland Security Centers, Inc.

Ever since, we have been improving people’s lives and security. We are the only company in LA that helps with everything related to security, including gates, fences, locksmithing, security cameras, entry systems, electronic access systems, alarms, and safes.

Our commercial accounts include (along with many more high-profile national chains who wish to be private) the Burbank Airport, Pizza Kitchen, Trader Joe’s, Target, Kaiser, and The Coffee Bean. We are grateful for their many years of earned trust and patronage.

Contact me if you have any security problems at all in your business or at your home. I’ll be happy to talk with you and see if there is anything I can do to help you, in your home, with your community, or in your business.